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Update Statement: Rep. Bailey Awaits Discharge from Hospital
January 11th, 2021
Rep. Bailey Expected to Be Okay after a Fall During House Proceedings in Springfield Today
January 10th, 2021
Rep. Bailey Opposed to “Radical Police Reforms” Proposed in the Legislature
January 8th, 2021
Spring Turkey Season Lottery for Permits
December 29th, 2020
Few New Laws Beginning January 1st: Mandated Wages Unfriendly to Business & Jobs
December 28th, 2020
Merry Christmas! The Season for Giving
December 22nd, 2020
‘Public Official A’ Allies Close Ranks to Protect Madigan’s Power
December 15th, 2020
Statement on US Attorney Indictments of Speaker Madigan Allies Connected to ComEd Bribery Scheme
November 19th, 2020
Governor Pritzker Should Call Legislature Back to Work: One-Man Rule is Not Democratic
November 18th, 2020
Speaker Madigan’s Cancellation of Session Just Another Delay: He Must Face Investigation of His Role in ComEd Bribery Scheme
November 12th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Reminder to Farmers on Grain Bin Safety: About 70% of Accidents Happen on Family Farms
October 13th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Promotes Grants for Livestock Farmers: $5 Million Available for Swine, Meat & Poultry Producers
October 6th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Returns Over $13,000 to Taxpayers
October 5th, 2020
Driver’s License & ID Renewals Extended to February 1, 2021
September 24th, 2020
Harvest Season Safety Reminder
September 23rd, 2020
$114 Million in Grants for Childcare Programs: IDHS Says Online Applications Available Soon
September 22nd, 2020
2020 Census Deadline to be Counted Sept. 30th: Residents May Go Online to
September 15th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Reminds People to Search the Database for Money or Property the State of Illinois May be Holding
September 3rd, 2020
Pritzker ignores family of slain state trooper, releases inmate involved in trooper’s murder
August 27th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Helps Promote New Free Mobile App for Sportsmen and Women: Download ‘Outdoor Illinois’ Beginning Today
August 12th, 2020
Rep. Bailey: Cop Killers Should Not Be Paroled
August 7th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Wants Gov. Pritzker Held in Civil Contempt for Violating Court Ruling
August 5th, 2020
Rep. Darren Bailey calls for Speaker Madigan’s resignation
July 17th, 2020
Gov. Pritzker’s Lockdown Orders Tossed; Individual Liberty Re-Established in Illinois
July 2nd, 2020
$375,000 in Grants for Non-Profits Helping Feed & House Families During the Coronavirus Emergency
June 30th, 2020
Rep. Bailey OP-ED: Leadership is Lacking
June 25th, 2020
‘BIG’ (Business Interruption Grants) Program for Those Impacted by the COVID-19 Related Closures: Apply Beginning June 26
June 19th, 2020
Gov. Signs Unnecessary and Costly Mandates Legislation for November Election
June 18th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Reminds of Free Fishing in IL June 19-22
June 17th, 2020
2020 ‘Senior Hall of Fame’ Deadline Aug. 31st: Nominate Someone Who Has Made an Impact in Your Community
June 13th, 2020
Downstate Stabilization Grants Awarded to Four Small Businesses in Clay County for $81,650
June 5th, 2020
Revive Our Economy – Shop Local
May 29th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Votes NO on Unbalanced Budget While Democrats Give Themselves a Pay Raise
May 24th, 2020
UPDATE: State Acknowledges Data Breach in IDES System
May 23rd, 2020
Rep. Bailey Opposed Bill to Mandate Mail-In Ballots and Increase Costs Nearly $17 Million for Local Election Authorities
May 22nd, 2020
Rep. Bailey Calls for Investigation into Personal Information Breach at IDES Web Site Over 5 Days
May 20th, 2020
Dental Offices Re-Open Under IDPH Guidelines
May 12th, 2020
Reps. Bailey, Miller & Windhorst Join Forces to Recruit Volunteers for Senior Programs in Southern Illinois
May 11th, 2020
Rep. Bailey: “Back to Business” Regional Re-Opening Plan
May 7th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Facilitates Protective Gear for State Workers: Thank You John Deere!
May 7th, 2020
Darren Bailey Beats Gov. JB Pritzker: Judge grants Temporary Restraining Order against ‘stay at home’ order
April 28th, 2020
“Enough is enough!” – Rep. Bailey files lawsuit against Governor JB Pritzker
April 23rd, 2020
Rep. Bailey Reflects Rural Illinois Frustration on ‘Stay Home’ Orders; Considers Legal Challenge to Governor’s Power to Impose Rules on All
April 23rd, 2020
Rep. Bailey Applauds State Police Rule to Extend FOID Card & CCL Holders During Coronavirus Emergency; Plus 12 Months
April 10th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Helps State Museum Promote Illinois Stories Project on “Living Through COVID-19”
April 7th, 2020
Downstate Stabilization Grants Up to $25,000 for Small Businesses with Less than 50 Employees
March 26th, 2020
Low-Interest Loans for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19
March 25th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Thanks Farmers for Continuing to Farm to Keep Our Food Supply Stable
March 20th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Advises Continued Common Sense to Slow the Coronavirus Spread
March 16th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Meets with NFIB to Discuss Issues: April 1st will be Illinois ‘Small Business Day’ at the Capitol
March 13th, 2020
2020 Census Begins in Illinois March 12th: Residents May Go Online to be Counted
March 13th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Welcomes FFA to 50th ‘Ag Day’ at State Capitol
March 6th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Applauds Preventative Action by IDPH to Limit Spread of “Coronavirus” in Illinois
February 28th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Met with Illinois Library Association in Effingham on Monday
February 10th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Reminds Residents of Traveling Office Hours in Newton and Lawrenceville on Feb. 4
January 30th, 2020
Gov. Gives ‘State of the State’ Address Wednesday: Rep. Bailey Says More Reforms Needed
January 30th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Demands Accountability and Action to Preserve Integrity of Elections in Illinois: Executive Committee Hearing Scheduled for Jan. 30
January 24th, 2020
Rep. Bailey Outraged About Rape Cover-Up by Madigan Confidant & Former Legislator
January 14th, 2020
‘Empower Illinois’ Tax Credit Scholarships: Apply January 15th
January 13th, 2020
Rep. Bailey and Local Farm Bureaus Offer Seminars on ‘Farmland Assessment’ and Property Tax System
January 6th, 2020
Rep. Bailey ‘School Bus Safety’ Bill is One of 256 New Laws to Go into Effect January 1, 2020
December 27th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Opposed the Fire and Police Pension Fund Consolidation Bill
December 19th, 2019
Registering to Vote is the Beginning of Good Citizenship…
December 12th, 2019
IL Dept. of Ag Offers ‘Cover Crop’ Program to Help Farmers Retain Land Value & Reduce Soil Erosion
December 6th, 2019
Local Business Receives Rural Development Support of $12.8 Million from USDA
December 6th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Joins IDNR in Promoting $2,000 Conservation Scholarships: March 1st Deadline
December 5th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Statement on GSI Closing Flora Facility
December 4th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Served on IASB State Panel Nov. 23
November 25th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Opposed Sham Ethics Proposals: Votes to Keep Session Going for Real Ethics Reforms!
November 15th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Opposed Feel-good Bill That Does Nothing to Address Overall Costs to Families
November 14th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Statement on Rep. Arroyo Resignation: Step in Right Direction; Applauds Speaker Madigan’s Help
November 1st, 2019
Rep. Bailey Reminds Residents of National Prescription Drug ‘Take Back Day’ this Saturday, October 26
October 24th, 2019
Free ‘Veterans-to-Firefighters’ Program October 27 in Champaign: Space Limited
October 22nd, 2019
Rep. Bailey Promotes the Central U.S. “ShakeOut” on Earthquake Preparedness
October 16th, 2019
Rep. Bailey “Principal for a Day” at Area Schools: October is National Principal Month
October 11th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Reminds Constituents October is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ Month
October 10th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Tours Eastern Illinois University with Pres. Glassman: Nearly 400 Students from 109th District
October 9th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Reminds Students of FAFSA Application: College Financial Aid Awards Made Until Funds Gone
October 7th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Joins 100th Celebration for Illinois Chamber of Commerce
September 26th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Cautiously Optimistic on Governor’s Move to Cut Spending 6.5% and Eliminate Some State Boards/Commissions
September 13th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Travels to Chicago for Hearing on Medical Care for Nearly 39,000 Children & Young Adults in State Custody
September 13th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Backed Up by Surgeon General Advisory: Youth & Pregnant Women Should not Use Marijuana
September 4th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Informs Gun Dealers & Citizens About New Proposed Regulations in Illinois: 45 Days to Comment
August 26th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Creates “Senior Edition” of Legislative Updates: Available Electronically or Hard Copy Upon Request
August 23rd, 2019
Gov. Signs Bill: Enhances Penalties for Assaults Committed in Places of Worship
August 23rd, 2019
Property Tax Survey 2019: Let Rep. Bailey Know Your Opinions
August 21st, 2019
USDA Declares Illinois Flood Disaster: Rep. Bailey Reminds Farmers about Emergency Loans
August 9th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Proud of FFA Leaders from Area: State Vice President & Section 23 President
August 2nd, 2019
Rep. Bailey Fights to Repeal New Limit on Trade-In Credits for Cars, Trucks, SUV’s and Mini-Vans
July 24th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Supports ‘Cork & Pork Festival’ in Sainte Marie to Encourage Tourism for the Southern Illinois Region
July 24th, 2019
ALERT! Staying Safe in Extreme Heat
July 18th, 2019
Governor Signs Rep. Bailey “School Bus Safety” Bill
July 17th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Welcomes Ruritan National President to Illinois
July 16th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Slams Gov. Pritzker’s “Pot” Law: Local Communities Encouraged to ‘Opt Out’
June 26th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Still Fights for the Unborn while Gov. Pritzker Signs Extreme Abortion Bill; No Parental Notification
June 12th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Keeps Promise to Working Families: Opposed Every Tax Increase Proposed In Overtime Session
June 1st, 2019
House Passes a $40.6 Billion Budget in Final Hours: Rep. Bailey Opposed and Continues Fight for Reforms
June 1st, 2019
Rep. Bailey Stands with LIFE and Votes NO to Expand Abortions in Illinois; SB 25 Heads to Senate for a Vote
May 28th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Opposes Gov. Pritzker’s Graduated Tax Proposal: Contentious Debate in House; Party Line Vote
May 27th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Fights for Working Families: Opposes Gas Tax Hike Proposal!
May 24th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Welcomes Effingham Boy Scout Troop 335 to the Illinois State Capitol
May 24th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Still Fighting the Governor’s “Graduated Tax”: Not Willing to Give Democrats a Blank Check to Spend More
May 22nd, 2019
Rep. Bailey Encourages Local Girls to Explore STEM Careers and Earn Scholarships: Apply by June 7th for ‘Icebox Derby’
May 21st, 2019
Rep. Bailey Legislation Passes Senate Unanimously
May 20th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Opposed to Proposal to Double Gas Tax! Southern Illinois Hit Harder with More Miles to Drive
May 10th, 2019
Unemployment Rates Higher in IL and 109th District: $15 Minimum Wage Will Hurt Families & Business
May 3rd, 2019
Rep. Bailey’s High School & College Internship
May 1st, 2019
Rep. Bailey and Republicans Continue Fight Against the Pritzker Tax Increase!
April 26th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Urges Residents to “Take Back” Unused or Expired Prescription Drugs
April 25th, 2019
Rep. Darren Bailey Bill Passes House to Protect Places of Worship with Increased Penalties
April 18th, 2019
District Tour April 15-17: Legislature on Vacation, But Rep. Bailey Working Hard
April 18th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Passes Bill to Lower Medication Costs & Help Local Drug Stores Stay Competitive
April 17th, 2019
Dept. of Natural Resources Looking for Campground Host for Red Hills State Park in Lawrence County
April 17th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Sets District Tour April 15-17
April 17th, 2019
IL Becomes “Tobacco 21” State: Must be 21 Years Old to Purchase Tobacco Products Starting July 1, 2019
April 12th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Welcomes Local Women for Leadership Recognition at State Capitol
April 12th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Passes Bill to Double Fines on People Who Drive Around School Buses Picking Up Children
April 11th, 2019
No “Blank Check” for Reckless Spending: Families and Businesses Cannot Afford
April 10th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Files Legislation to Fight Against Taxpayer Funded Sex-Change Operations in Illinois
April 8th, 2019
IL House Honors Southern Illinois Author, Zachary Inyart, on Autism Awareness Day
April 3rd, 2019
Flora Student Participates in Leadership Program at State Capitol
April 2nd, 2019
Secretary of State’s Office begins issuing drivers’ licenses in compliance with federal REAL ID Act.
March 29th, 2019
Legislative Update 3-22-19
March 22nd, 2019
FFA Students Travel to Capitol for “Ag Day”
March 22nd, 2019
Illinois “Highest Tax Burden in U.S.”: House Republicans Urge Colleagues to Stop Ignoring Tax Realities
March 22nd, 2019
Pastor Drake Caudill Gives Prayer for the Illinois House on “Respect Life Day” at the Capitol
March 22nd, 2019
Next Town Hall Set for Clay County on April 1st in Louisville
March 22nd, 2019
First Christian Church of West Salem Pastor Dustin Leek Gives the Opening Prayer for IL House
March 15th, 2019
Tax Foundation: Pritzker tax proposal would be devastating on Illinois economy
March 15th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Opposed Mandating LGBT History for K-12 Schools: No Parental ‘Opt Out’ Allowed
March 13th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Establishes Traveling Office Hours: 1st Mondays for Carmi, Crossville and Grayville
January 29th, 2019
Rep. Bailey Says New Gun Law is Wrong for Small Business and Erodes Our Rights
January 18th, 2019
Darren Bailey Sworn In as State Representative
January 15th, 2019