‘Public Official A’ Allies Close Ranks to Protect Madigan’s Power

Special Investigating Committee Fails to Subpoena Speaker Madigan to get Testimony on the ComEd Bribery Scandal

State Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) released this statement after the sudden adjournment of the House Special Investigating Committee:

Influence peddling and corrupt practices by ‘Public Official A’ (everyone knows is Speaker Michael J. Madigan) and his allies is not acceptable! The Democrat members who have refused to call Speaker Madigan and others to investigate the evidence made public by federal prosecutors, are looking like ‘accomplices after the fact’ as legal people would say.

I call it enabling to allow this kind of activity to go un-investigated thoroughly by the House Special Investigating Committee. They are enabling Mike Madigan to continue to do business as usual in Illinois when the evidence shows there is a corrupt pattern over nearly a decade in the ComEd bribery case.

Even Democrat Gov. Pritzker has said that Speaker Madigan needs to come forward and explain his actions in this bribery scheme. The growing number of House members who see that this is a dire situation is up to nineteen. They seem to understand the bigger picture of control by their party and have said publicly that they cannot support Madigan for Speaker again. This Special Investigating Committee needs to reconvene and subpoena Mike Madigan to explain his role and knowledge of the bribery scheme.