Governor Pritzker Should Call Legislature Back to Work: One-Man Rule is Not Democratic

Rep. Darren Bailey argues against the Governor's Graduated Tax proposal in the IL House.

State Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) is requesting that the Governor use his authority to call the General Assembly back to work to address a growing number of issues that need input from the people of Illinois.

How Illinois deals with the coronavirus outbreak in veterans facilities, the IDES debacle on unemployment payments to those who desperately need the money, the growing number of businesses that are closing and people losing their jobs, the backlog of FOID card renewals, are all issues that need to be addressed immediately.

“I do have constitutional dispute with the governor on his use of executive orders to shut down our state’s small businesses, restaurants, churches and child care facilities, and the Clay County ruling has not been dismissed or overturned yet. But there is no disputing the Governor has the authority to call the legislature back into session to do the work of the people,” declared Rep. Darren Bailey. “We need to address a list of issues that need immediate input from the people who are on the front lines of daily life in our state—the Senators and Representatives elected to speak for our residents!”

Shutting down places like theaters and student sports activities completely is not the answer for the vast majority of people. Common sense and protecting those we know are the most vulnerable by targeting the social distancing and extra cleaning of hands is the better approach.