VIDEO: Rep. Bailey Stands with Trooper Davis Family to Oppose Parole & Clemency of “Cop Killers”

Rep. Darren Bailey (109th District) Speaks in support of the Trooper Layton Davis Family and Anna Mae Willenborg to oppose parole and clemency for the two men who kidnapped Anna Mae when she was a teen and murdered Trooper Davis in 1976.

Today, I joined Effingham County States Attorney Bryan Kibler and my college in the House, Rep. Blaine Wilhour to stand with the Davis Family and the Willenborg Family to oppose the efforts to parole two convicted murderers of Trooper Layton Davis and the kidnapping of Anna Mae Willenborg in 1976.

Aaron Hyche and James Taylor were convicted of the shooting death of Trooper Davis at the southbound I-57 rest area north of Effingham in March of 1976. Trooper Davis had stopped the pair’s speeding vehicle. Due to a lack of technology at the time, the trooper was unaware that the pair were being sought for a felony offense in the Chicagoland area and that’s why the men thought they had been stopped. Davis was shot and fatally wounded and the pair fled, later kidnapping a girl before being apprehended south of Effingham.

Hyche and Taylor are up for parole annually, meaning Davis’ family has had to re-live the incident each year for more than 40 years. It’s the same case for Anna Mae Willenborg, who is the girl who was kidnapped by the pair.

James Taylor is now petitioning for clemency due to his age and since his chances of contracting COVID-19 are seen as more likely in prison. Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler, who travels to the hearings in Springfield to oppose the pair’s release each year, believes the parole hearing for Hyche and Taylor are coming up later this year.

I am asking that you join us in supporting law and order and write a letter to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board opposing clemency or parole for the pair, but especially Taylor due to the clemency request. (Thank you to Greg Sapp of 97.7 XFM Radio for this information!)

In your letter, please include:

Objection to Early Release

James E. Taylor, C68879

Ind. No. (s) 76-CF-20, 76-CF-21

Crimes: Murder, Kidnapping

Sentenced 10/15/1976

Here is where you should send your letter:

State of Illinois Prisoner Review Board

ATTN: Angie

319 E. Madison St. Suite A

Springfield, IL 62701