AUDIO: Gov. Pritzker COVID-19 Executive Orders VOIDed after April 8 by Circuit Court

Click HERE to listen to the full WMAY radio interview.

Thank you to attorney Thomas DeVore of Greenville for helping to fight this case to reign in the over-extension of the governor’s power to declare an emergency and issue executive orders over 30 days.

Standing (L-R) Attorney Thomas G. DeVore, Rep. Darren Bailey, and Legislative Assistant Jose Durbin at the Clay County Courthouse before Judge Michael McHaney heard more arguments and made his ruling.

When the Democrat leaders in the General Assembly neglected to act and clarify the powers of the governor over the first 30 days, we had to take our case to the judicial branch to stop ‘one man rule’ who is claiming that he can shut down businesses, schools and churches base on what he says are “the science” and data.

Click here to listen to the interview of Attorney DeVore by WMAY radio host Greg Bishop for a clarification on what the Judge Michael McHaney means.