Legislative Update 3-6-20

March 6, 2020

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

This week we celebrated the 50th Ag Day at the Illinois State Capitol. On Tuesday, nearly 1,000 FFA students from around the state converged on the Capitol to meet with their legislators about agriculture education and promote Illinois products grown in the Land of Lincoln. (Photos and Info HERE)

Congratulations to our own White County Fair Queen Kelsi Kessler who was honored by the House of Representatives on “Ag Day” at the Capitol! (Video and info HERE)

Legislative News

Thank you to everyone who has become involved with your state government! Your participation is impacting the proposed mandatory HPV Vaccine issue. To date, 25,543 people have signed the petition (HERE) and over 20,000 filed witness slips while it was posted for a hearing.

Daylight saving time bill remains in Rules Committee

If you’re angry you are losing an hour of sleep this weekend by springing your clocks forward, you may be happy to know an Illinois Senate Bill to take away the time changes is still in play, but don’t expect the law to change anytime soon.

Senate Bill 533  passed the Senate in November nearly unanimously. But the bill remains in the House Rules Committee. Even if it were to pass the Illinois House, the state would still need to get a federal waiver.

State lawmaker proposes 2 percent tax on ammunition 

Keep an eye on House Bill 5651 that would tax ammunition 2 percent for a proposed special school safety grant fund they say would help keep kids safe. I believe the measure is just another in an effort to diminish Second Amendment rights in Illinois. I don’t trust the state to create a new fund in light of reports that nearly $30 million of fees that gun owners pay the state have been swept for other purposes.

The next Session date is Wednesday, March 18th. Remember you can register your support or opposition to bills by filing “Witness Slips” online. Here is how.

You can learn more about the Illinois General Assembly, research the status of legislation, and follow session days live online at www.ilga.gov.

Remembering Our Roots & Defending Our Freedoms

(This section highlights people and places around the 109th District and other topics to honor our nation and appreciate our freedoms.)

Daylight Saving Time – Spring Forward this Sunday, March 8 at 2:00 AM

Some sources credit Benjamin Franklin with being the first to suggest seasonal time change in 1784 in a letter to the editor of the Journal of Paris, which was entitled “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light.” Franklin simply suggested that Parisians could economize candle usage by getting people out of bed earlier in the morning. What’s more: Franklin meant it as a joke.

Although modern DST has only been used for about 100 years, ancient civilizations are known to have engaged in comparable practices thousands of years ago. For example, the Roman water clocks used different scales for different months of the year to adjust the daily schedules to the solar time.

Daylight Saving Time is currently used in over 70 countries worldwide and affects over one billion people every year.

Staying Connected!

My office in Louisville is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. I also have established Traveling Office Hours each month around the six counties in the 109th District. You can also contact me directly through the Contact Form on my website at repbailey.com.

Visiting Your State Capitol!

If you have a group who is visiting the state capitol, or if you would like to apply for the “Page-for-A-Day” program or want to be considered to provide the opening prayer in the Illinois House, please contact me at my office or repbailey.com.