Legislative Update 2-14-20

February 14, 2020

Dear Friends & Neighbors–

This week was the deadline to file legislation for the Spring Session. Many proposals are up for consideration. One of the proposals that will be discussed from that last session is Senate Bill 1966 that would impose more fees and fingerprinting on law-abiding gun owners in Illinois. I am still opposed to that but am a co-sponsor of an alternative bill HB 3839. (Learn more HERE)

The next Traveling office Hours will be in Fairfield and Olney On Feb. 18th. (Times HERE)

This week is “Grain Bin Safety Week” to help draw attention to the need to remember the hard work and challenges involved in agriculture. Learn more about this topic and the opportunities for broadband expansion in rural areas at our Caucus Blog HERE.

Legislative News

The next Session date is Tuesday, February 18th. Remember you can register your support or opposition to bills by filing “Witness Slips” online. Here is how.

You can learn more about the Illinois General Assembly, research the status of legislation, and follow session days live online at www.ilga.gov.

Remembering Our Roots & Defending Our Freedoms

(This section highlights people and places around the 109th District and other topics to honor our nation and appreciate our freedoms.)

Celebrate Presidents Day on Monday, Feb. 17th

Thank you to Mr. Washington and all of our presidents who have helped to shape our great nation! (Learn more HERE)

Staying Connected!

My office in Louisville is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. I also have established Traveling Office Hours each month around the six counties in the 109th District. You can also contact me directly through the Contact Form on my website at repbailey.com.

Visiting Your State Capitol!

If you have a group who is visiting the state capitol, or if you would like to apply for the “Page-for-A-Day” program or be considered to provide the opening prayer in the Illinois House, please contact me at my office or repbailey.com.