Rep. Bailey Outraged About Rape Cover-Up by Madigan Confidant & Former Legislator

State Representative Darren Bailey is joining calls for a full investigation into revelations that Agriculture Director John Sullivan did not report to the authorities that a rape had occurred revealed in a 2012 e-mail from a Speaker Madigan confidant.

“This kind of cover-up is exactly why we need ethics reform and a shake-up of the status quo in Illinois government,” declared Rep. Bailey, a member of the Agriculture and Conservation Committee. “Ag Director John Sullivan should have resigned and there should be others who need to show just a little integrity and step down as well.”

According to reports first uncovered by WBEZ Radio in Chicago, the email was written by Michael McClain, a former lobbyist and confidant of House Speaker Mike Madigan, and sent to top officials in former Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration. McClain told them he wanted leniency for an employee who faced discipline, saying, “He has kept his mouth shut on Jones’ ghost workers, the rape in Champaign and other items” and ,”He is loyal to the administration.”

Rep. Bailey added, “It defies credibility that John Sullivan knew of the email and its contents, but Speaker Mike Madigan, a close confidant of the email’s author, Michael McClain, knew nothing.”

Reports from Governor JB Pritzker’s communications director, Emily Bittner, indicate Sullivan knew about the email after it was sent on July 31, 2012, and “did not handle it appropriately”. She claimed he did not tell the inspector general or other authorities. 

“This is an outrage and a full criminal investigation needs to be conducted immediately,” added Bailey.