Rep. Bailey Opposed Sham Ethics Proposals: Votes to Keep Session Going for Real Ethics Reforms!

Rep. Darren Bailey argues against the Governor's Graduated Tax proposal in the IL House.

State Rep. Darren Bailey on Thursday voted against two bills that pretend to be ethics reform legislation but do not go far enough to actually address problems with corruption in Illinois. He also voted to keep session going to address the ethics crisis that is real and urgent.

“There is no more important issue than ethics reform right now,” commented Rep. Bailey. “The first bill, SB 1639 dealing with statements of economic interest, was introduced in the middle of the night and then changed in the Democrat Caucus before it came to the House for a vote. This is not a transparent process!”

Rep. Bailey and House Republicans are serious about enacting meaningful ethical reforms, and have introduce nearly thirty bills to address these serious problems. But, the majority Democrats are refusing to acknowledge that we must reform our ethics laws in meaningful ways so Illinoisans can have better confidence in their elected officials.

“The HJR 93 that establishes a task force is not truly bipartisan because one party will have a super-majority of members making the recommendations on ethics reform. This task force will accomplish nothing meaningful and the report will not be provided until after the March primary when there may very well be more indictments.”

In a late breaking announcement, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton announced his early retirement Thursday as the FBI continues its investigation into alleged political corruption in the senate and other areas of Illinois government. For weeks, Rep. Bailey and his House Republican colleagues have introduced and demanded action on legislation to address Illinois’ ineffective state ethics laws.

Bailey added, “as we’ve seen many times in the past, Democrats filed legislation in the middle of the night that is not allowed proper review by Republican lawmakers or staff. They’re returning to their typical playbook and it’s a complete disservice to the people of Illinois. That’s why I voted NO to adjourn on Thursday because we shouldn’t leave the Capitol until real ethics reform is accomplished!”