Rep. Bailey “Principal for a Day” at Area Schools: October is National Principal Month

Rep. Darren Bailey participates in the 9-11 Rememberance program at Center Street School in Fairfield as part of his "Principal for a Day" program.

State Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) is participating in the “Principal for a Day” program encouraged by the Illinois Principals Association. Recently, Rep. Bailey served as “Principal for a Day” at three area schools: Jefferson School in Carmi, Center Street School in Fairfield, and Carmi-White County High School.

Rep. Darren Bailey talks with the Kindergarten students at Jefferson School in Carmi about what his job is as a state representative. Standing to his left is principal Dr. Amy Dixon.

“I served on my local school board for seventeen years and feel like I had an opportunity work with my local principals and support their efforts to have the best learning environment and educational program for our children,” said Rep. Bailey, a member of the Elementary & Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing & Charter Schools Committee. “This principal for a day program has given me the chance to visit several schools around my legislative district and learn about their individual schools and unique personalities. Every principal is different but they all share a love of learning and children and all fight for the best schools they can,” Bailey added.

Carmi-White County High School Principal Jarrod Newell and Rep. Bailey talk with the Industrial Arts teacher.

The “Principal for A Day” program provides opportunities for principals and other administrators to build and refine relationships with their State and Federal legislators who visit schools in their legislative district, interacting with staff and students, and performing selected administrative tasks during their visit.

Rep. Darren Bailey observes Center Street School Principal April Smith as she interacts with geography students.