Legislative Update 6-14-19

June 14, 2019

Friend —

On this “Flag Day” I’d like to say happy birthday to President Trump and the U.S. Army!

If you would like to have a pamphlet on the proper display and handling of “Old Glory,” please contact my district office. They brochures are also good for Scout troops and veterans organizations.

With the legislative session over for the spring, we are not scheduled to return for Veto Session until October 28th. Our most recent “Springfield Update” on the latest news can be found by clicking here.

Legislative News

Unfortunately, Governor Pritzker signed into law this week the most extreme abortion law in country. I promise to continue the fight with you to defend the unborn who cannot speak for themselves! (more info here)

I am awaiting the actions of the Governor to see if he will sign into law my legislation to double the fines of people who break the law by driving around a stopped school bus while it is picking up or dropping off children. (more info here)

You can learn more about the Illinois General Assembly, research the status of legislation, and follow session days live online at www.ilga.gov.

Traveling Office Hours: Next stops are June 17th in Wayne City, Fairfield and Olney. (more info here)

Remembering Our Roots & Defending Our Freedoms

(This section highlights people and places around the 109th District and other topics to honor our nation and appreciate our freedoms.)

“Old Glory”

“Old Glory” Photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

“Old Glory” is the nickname for our national flag of the Unite States. The original “Old Glory” was a flag owned by the 19th-century American sea captain named William Driver (March 17, 1803 – March 3, 1886), who flew the flag during his career at sea and later brought it to Nashville, Tennessee, where he settled. Driver greatly prized the flag and ensured its safety from the Confederates, who attempted to seize the flag during the American Civil War. After the war, Driver’s daughter and niece feuded over which of them owned the original Old Glory. In 1922, both flags claimed to be the original “Old Glory” became part of the collection of the Smithsonian Institution, where they remain at the National Museum of American History.

Staying Connected!

My office in Louisville is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. I also have established Traveling Office Hours each month around the six counties in the 109th District. You can also contact me directly through the Contact Form on my website at www.repbailey.com.