Legislative Update 6-7-19

June 7, 2019

Friend — 

Less than five months ago, I took the oath of office to uphold the Constitution and do my duty to represent you in the Illinois House of Representatives. It has been a very busy legislative session with 6,878 bills, resolutions, and Constitutional Amendments proposed in the House and Senate.

A budget was passed to spend over $40 Billion in Fiscal Year 2020. I opposed that package of bills because it spends too much of your money with too many tax and fee increases on working families and business. (more info here) We need to enact reforms and change the way government operates in Illinois! I will continue to be a voice for reforms in Illinois with your continued input and support.

Thank you to Pastor Cory Musgrave for a powerful prayer given on the final day of regular Legislative Session in the House of Representatives. (video here)

Legislative News

I sponsored or co-sponsored twenty-seven bills and resolutions that passed both the House and Senate this session. The bills, including my first bill to increase the fines on violators who drive around stopped busses, await the governor’s action. (info here) Many good bills did not get a hearing or make it out of committee for a full vote. Other proposals that do not reflect our values in southern Illinois have been passed into law. I will continue fighting the attacks on the unborn (video here) and the 2nd Amendment, increasing taxes on gasoline and fees on driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations, and expanding gambling and legalizing recreational marijuana use—

You can learn more about the Illinois General Assembly and follow session live online at www.ilga.gov.

Traveling Office Hours: Next stops are June 12th in Mt. Carmel and Lawrenceville and June 17th in  (more info here)

Remembering Our Roots – Defending Our Freedoms

(This section highlights people and places around the 109th District to help promote our area and remember those who came before who influenced our communities and the world.)

William Jasper

Statue of William Jasper

Jasper County is named for William Jasper, born around 1750 and died October 9, 1779. Jasper  was a noted American soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was a sergeant in the 2nd South Carolina Regiment. In 1779, Sergeant Jasper participated in the Siege of Savannah, led by General Lincoln, which failed to recapture Savannah, Georgia, from the British. He was mortally wounded during an assault on the British forces there. Sgt. Jasper’s story is similar to that of Sgt. John Newton. Several states have adjacent counties named Jasper and Newton, as these men were remembered as a pair, due to the popularity of Parson Weems’ memorializing early American history. Several other states have a Jasper County with a county seat of Newton, or vice versa.

Staying Connected!

My office in Louisville is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. I also have established Traveling Office Hours each month around the six counties in the 109th District. You can also contact me directly through the Contact Form on my website at www.repbailey.com.