Rep. Bailey Keeps Promise to Working Families: Opposed Every Tax Increase Proposed In Overtime Session

State Representative Darren Bailey, in the first day of overtime Session in the General Assembly stood firm today and voted NO on each and every tax increase proposed.

“I am sure you will hear many rationalizations on each of these new and increased taxes by well-meaning politicians,” said Rep. Darren Bailey. “I owe this fight against more taxes to the good men and women who sent me here to Springfield to stop the madness and fight for them against the growing tax burden they carry.”

The Illinois House voted to raise a host of fees and taxes on everything from gasoline, driver’s licenses and vehicle stickers to parking taxes, retail sales taxes and cigarette and beer taxes. Recently there was an additional $1.5 billion in revenue to Illinois because of the federal tax changes and efforts continue to make the case to lower taxes in Illinois.

“Although there were some items of reform for some business development like tax incentives for data centers to possibly locate in Illinois,” continued Rep. Bailey, “there needs to be much more emphasis placed on real reforms and lowering income taxes and property taxes to help families and business. I promise to continue this fight for middle class families and a better business climate to save and create more jobs in Illinois.”