House Passes a $40.6 Billion Budget in Final Hours: Rep. Bailey Opposed and Continues Fight for Reforms

State Representative Darren Bailey (R-Xenia), a first term member of the House, opposed the last minute 1,500 page budget proposal dropped just eight hours before a vote was taken. With little more than two hours remaining before the midnight deadline, the proposed budget was dropped on the minority Republican Caucus and debate was limited in a quick committee hearing.

“I cannot believe the Democrats believe it is reasonable for us to vote for a budget with so little time to actually read, analyze and then offer our best recommendations on how to prioritize taxpayers’ dollars,” declared Rep. Darren Bailey. “There are things in this budget that I believe I could support, but I could not in good conscience vote for spending over $40 billion without a proper review of each line item!”

Rep. Bailey has from before his election to the House advocated that business as usual in Springfield is not acceptable. Reforms are need on pensions, workers compensation, tax policy, regulation policy, and others to create a positive economic environment to keeps the jobs we have and create more and better paying jobs for Illinois citizens.