Rep. Bailey Stands with LIFE and Votes NO to Expand Abortions in Illinois; SB 25 Heads to Senate for a Vote

State Representative Darren Bailey stood up today to defend innocent life in the face of political maneuvers and last minute changes to abortion law in Illinois. Voting NO with his Republican Caucus and six members of the majority party, Senate Bill 25 as amended, passed on a narrow vote of 64-50-4.

“This is the number one issue for me as a public servant…protecting innocent life,” declared Rep. Darren Bailey. “If you are not alive, nothing else matters.”

Bailey believes that this legislation as amended redefines Illinois law to call abortions a ‘fundamental right’, and repeals critical elements of parental notification, while leaving unknowing parents or guardians on the hook for the financial costs related to the abortion of their child.

“How is it logical that parents are not required to be notified if their daughter is having an abortion, but when the bill comes in the mail, they have to pay for it,” continued Rep. Bailey.

The process by which this sweeping overhaul and expansion of abortion access legislation came to be debated was an abuse of power by the majority Democrats. The bill was brought to committee on Sunday night with just one hour notice, and the bill passes the House less than 48 hours later. During the questioning in the Appropriations-Human Services Committee, Rep. Bailey pressed the bill’s sponsor about how many of the 39,832 abortions performed in Illinois in 2017 (the last year there is data available), were deemed medically necessary to save the life of the mother. The answer, “we don’t know because that data isn’t kept.”

“The argument for safe abortion access has been predicated on medically necessary arguments many times, but that can’t be confirmed if the information isn’t even collected to justify those abortions. This is bad public policy and is morally wrong,” concluded Rep. Bailey.