Legislative Update 5-10-19

May 10, 2019

Dear Friends —

The tax proposals keep coming and I’ll keep fighting! With a $1.5 Billion revenue increase this past month, we do not need higher income taxes to balance the budget. (read more here) There is also a proposal to increase 19 taxes and fees on gasoline and vehicle licenses. (more info here)

Congratulations to Vicki Cretors and Angelique Maguire for receiving the “Spotlight on Service” Award from the Secretary of State. (photo and info here)

This week we celebrated “Small Business Week” and say thank you to all of you who help to create 60% of all the jobs! (more info here)

Please remember to thank the moms in your life this Mother’s Day who sacrifice and love us to be the best that we can be! (learn more about the day here)

Legislative News

Don’t forget that you can file Witness Slips if you should ever wish to register your opinion in favor of or opposition to legislation. Because of technology, it can now be completed without traveling all the way to the Capitol. You may go online to www.my.ilga.gov to file a witness slip and have your opinion recorded on these bills and all legislation until their respective hearing is over. You can learn more about the committees, legislation and follow session live online at www.ilga.gov.

Remembering Our Roots

(This section highlights people and places around the 109th District to help promote our area and remember those who came before who influenced our communities and the world.)

Irene Hunt – Newton

Irene Hunt was a children’s writer known best for historical novels. She was a runner-up for the Newbery Medal for her first book, Across Five Aprils (a story set in the time of the Civil War), and won the medal for her second, Up a Road Slowly. For her contribution as a children’s writer she was U.S. nominee in 1974 for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international recognition available to creators of children’s books.

Hunt was 57 when her debut novel Across Five Aprils was published in 1964, and it received much acclaim and the novel was also Hunt’s personal favorite among the ones she wrote. With her faith in “courage, love, and mercy,” Hunt wrote her books to emphasize this faith. She died on her 94th birthday on May 18, 2001.

Staying Connected!

My office in Louisville is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. I also have established Traveling Office Hours each month around the six counties in the 109th District. You can also contact me directly through the Contact Form on my website at www.repbailey.com