Governor’s Progressive Tax Plan Passed by Senate This Week

State Representative Darren Bailey vows to fight the Governor’s graduated tax plan when it reaches the House. The Illinois Senate passed Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (SJRCA) 1 this week on a partisan roll call vote of 40 to 19.

“This proposed change from a fair, flat rate to an unknown, un-fair system that can change at the political whims of the majority party is not good public policy nor good economics,” said Rep. Darren Bailey, a member of two appropriations committees in the House. “I am already hearing from people in my district about the negative impact of higher taxes on working families and businesses. The millionaires and billionaires like Gov. Pritzker can pick up and leave Illinois at any time or hide their money in off-shore accounts to avoid paying taxes, but those struggling families, farmers and small businesses will be left holding the bills…again!”

The new proposed income tax rate structure would take effect if Illinois voters agree to change the state constitution’s flat tax to a graduated structure. The rate structure is different than what Gov. J.B. Pritzker proposed. Critics argue that after months on the campaign trail, and just weeks after taking office, Pritzker put out what he thought the rates should be, but the proposed rates were never filed as legislation to lock in the tax rates like the current flat tax system does.

The tax proposal now heads to the Illinois House for consideration.