Governor’s Budget Promotes Drug Use, Gambling, More Taxes That Attack Families & Business

Rep. Bailey listens respectfully to Gov. Pritzker's first State of the State/Budget Address.

 State Representative Darren Bailey (R-Louisville), today spoke out against the new Governor’s budget for 2020 that proposes more taxes, expanding gambling to include sports betting and promoting the use of marijuana which experts know is a gateway drug to more drug use such as heroin and methamphetamine.

“The Governor’s budget proposal for this next year is based on faulty economics,” commented Rep. Darren Bailey. “His suggesting that more revenue from sports gambling, marijuana licenses and taxes on electronic cigarettes and vaping products is the wrong path for our families, seniors and state.”

“The Governor’s budget is not austere as he and some others are calling it,” said Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville). “It is pure fantasy to think that we can base a stable funding stream for our schools and colleges through promoting drug use and more gambling,” Bailey added.

The proposed budget intends to raise money from three new source this year and increase state taxes next year. $170 million in fees from licensing marijuana for recreational use; $200 million from sports betting expansion; and $390 million from a new tax on insurance companies that wwill ultimately be passed on to policy holders such as senior citizens, families, and small businesses.

“I’m not opposed to adequately funding our schools and supporting our children and teachers but when you understand what belt-tightening is, you can’t in good conscience spend $25 million more than is available. Taxing vices like E-Cigarettes and vaping products, encouraging drug use by legalizing recreational marijuana and expanding gambling to include betting on sports are not sound economic principles for a cash flow for important programs for our schools and colleges.” ist