E-News Updates Begin for 109th District: “Darren’s Two Cents” Will Focus on State Government and General Assembly

February 8, 2019

Dear Friends:

Welcome to my first legislative update. I hope to keep you up on the happenings in the General Assembly and issues concerning State government. Please feel free to contact me at my online office 24 hours a day and I or my staff will get back to you. The web address is RepBailey.com.

Thank you for your interest in our state and how your money is allocated.

Darren Bailey

State Representative – 109th District

Legislative News

Committee Assignments

I have been assigned to serve on the following House Committees for the 101st General Assembly: Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education; Appropriations-Human Services; Child Care Accessibility & Early Childhood Education; Elementary and Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing & Charter Schools; and the Energy & Environment Committee.

Sponsoring Legislation

My first two bills are to allow schools to display “In God We Trust” as it appears on our American currency and to require public notification when aborted babies are used to create vaccinations.

You can learn more about the committees, legislation and follow session live online at www.ilga.gov.

Other Hot Topics to Follow

Minimum Wage – The Governor’s proposal for a $15/hour minimum wage, SB1 passed through the Senate chamber this week 39-18-0. It is apparent that this is the priority for the Governor so he can then push for a Constitutional Amendment to implement a progressive income tax. 
Illinois Democrats are continuing their assault on small business (and ultimately families) by pushing for a large increase in the minimum wage. Senate Bill 1 would incrementally increase Illinois’ minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, which is an 82% increase!

Businesses have a limited ability to raise prices to make up for the cost of a higher minimum wage. Two-thirds of Illinois’ population lives within a 40-minute drive of the state border. With higher gas, liquor, tobacco and sales taxes, this will create yet another reason for these people to shop across the border and leave our state.

Remembering Our Roots

(I plan to highlight people and places around the 109th District to help promote our area and remember those who came before who influenced our communities and the world.)

Albert Paine – Xenia

Albert Biglow Paine (July 10, 1861 – April 9, 1937) was an American author and biographer best known for his work with Mark Twian. Paine was a member of the Pulitzer Prize Committee and wrote in several genres, including fiction, humor, and verse.

Paine was born in Massachusetts and moved to Iowa when one year old. From early childhood until early adulthood, Paine lived in the village of Xenia (Clay County); here he received his schooling. His home in Xenia is still standing. At the age of twenty, he moved to St. Louis, where he trained as a photographer, and became a dealer in photographic supplies in Kansas. Paine sold out in 1895 to become a full-time writer, moving to New York. He then spent most of his life in Europe, including France where he wrote two books about Joan of Arc.

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