Rep. Darren Bailey Files First Bill: Permit Schools to Display ‘In God We Trust’

Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) filed his first bill in the Illinois House. House Bill 341 would amend the Illinois School Code to allow local school boards to have the motto ‘In God We Trust’ to be displayed in a conspicuous location inside or outside each school building.

“I have heard from many people around my district say for years that many of the problems we face in our communities these days is the result of an eroding of our value system on how we treat others and live our lives,” said Rep. Darren Bailey. “The most common phrase I hear is that we need to put God back in our schools to bring back common decency and help give a moral compass to our young people. This bill does just that.”

The legislation was filed with the Clerk of the House and has been assigned to the Rules Committee. That committee has the responsibility to assign it to a committee for a public hearing. The Illinois General Assembly convenes in January and meets several days a month through May 31st. When legislation is scheduled for a hearing at the Capitol, members of the public may ask to testify or may submit written testimony for the public record.

“It is not an unfunded mandate heaped onto our schools like many of the other laws passed by the legislature,” added Rep. Bailey. “This is an option for local school boards to decide if their community would like, they are allowed to bring God back to their local schools.”

Anyone who would like to follow the proceedings of the legislature by tracking legislation or watching debates live may connect on line at the General Assembly web site ( feffffff